Like many in the digital media industry, I tend to wear a lot of hats, be it 'designer', 'researcher', 'creative director' or 'content strategist'. During my 15+ years of hat-wearing in the digital space, I have been fortunate to collaborate with some terrific organizations along the way, including the National Screen Institute, DHX Media, the Stanford Research Institute, Sony Pictures Animation and the RAND Corporation.

The projects I've tackled over my 15+ years of experience range from educational apps to mobile games to brand extension initiatives and always include some sort of quirky challenge. Fortunately for me, it's the quirky challenges I enjoy most. :)

Given my academic background, I've also maintained an on-going passion for research initiatives that probe game design from its numerous angles, including work on children's digital play and a discourse analysis of 'grinding' in massively multiplayer online games (a favorite subject area of mine).

I am currently the dad of one rambunctious 6 year old, and the Design Director for the kid's playground game suite, Biba.