About Me

My background is in research and design for kids' digital experiences. During my career I've tackled interactive kids projects ranging from educational tablet apps to mobile games for playgrounds to brand extension initiatives for youth. Games and interactive/educational experiences for kids is something that found me early in my career and I've enjoyed the journey ever since.

Although I'm formally a 'Design Director', like many in the digital media industry, I tend to wear a lot of hats, be it 'designer', 'researcher', 'creative director' or 'content strategist'.  And during my 15+ years of hat-wearing in the digital space, I have been fortunate to lead projects for and collaborate with some terrific organizations along the way, including the National Screen Institute, DHX Media, the Stanford Research Institute, the Canadian Game Studies AssociationSony Pictures Animation the RAND Corporation and others.

While I love design practice on-the-screen, I take my greatest pleasure in leading the creative vision of a project from start to finish and thrive on the challenges of in-the-trenches problem solving during development and production. My passions lie in being able to communicate a vision to a team and then executing that vision as a united front. Infinitely rewarding.

Given my doctoral background, I also maintain an on-going fervor for driving forward design initiatives via research. And I don't just mean user-testing, but the type of pre-emptive analytical and lit review legwork that lays out the fundaments of a project before it even gets off the ground. Always be de-risking.

As for personal hobbies, I love video games (and collect video game consoles), am a huge fan of bit tunes (8/16bit), love yakking with my 6 year old about Pokemon and am an avid Magic the Gathering Commander player.



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